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(No PayPal account needed)
Golden State Pygmy Goat Association (GSPGA) now accepts payment for show entries, membership fees,
sponsorship, and donations via PayPal. 
Use the back of your entry form (it still needs to be mailed or emailed in with the PayPal receipt by the due date) to select options from our PayPal catalog.  Late entries (see entry form for date) are at the very bottom of the catalog.  Don't forget to mail in the Membership form and/or Sponsorship form, if applicable. 
NOTE: Using the PayPal option adds an additional 2.9% to each selection (already figured into the amount). As with cash or check payments, no refunds are given for any reason.

You still have the option to not pay this fee if you submit your payment via postal mail
with your entry/membership form.  

Please select from the buttons below for the item(s) you choose to pay for. Once you are done choosing all items that apply to your transaction you need to click the “ View Cart” Button. Once in the cart you can change the quantity of any item and finish your checkout process.   Paying for your show entries & fees or membership via PayPal does not replace the mailing or emailing of  your forms to the appropriate person by the published deadline. By submitting any membership, entry, or sponsorship form via postal mail or email you are acknowledging and agreeing to the following Hold Harmless Agreement:

Hold Harmless Agreement:

          I agree to hold Golden State Pygmy Goat Association (GSPGA) & any fairgrounds a show is held at, its officers, directors, and all personnel associated therewith harmless from any and all legal action to which they might become subject resulting from any incident at a GSPGA event/show. This Hold Harmless Agreement shall also extend to the owners and/or operators of the grounds and facilities which may be used by my family, my animals, and myself.

          I have also read, understood, and agreed to all the rules and provisions in the show bill and entry forms pertaining to this event/show. I understand that all attendees are responsible for minors, guests, and/or animals while on the premises of any GSPGA event/show. Any vandalism, damages, or inappropriate behavior may result in the request for restitution of damages, expulsion from premises, and/or loss of show registration fees, depending upon the severity of action. I further agree to keep all dogs on a leash outside the barn area and away from the goat pens and arena.